This Construction Industry Logo features some stunning colour combinations with an effective design. Reds and blues are the friendliest colours to use for a logo and studies show that they are the most trusted colours. Superman can’t be wrong! This client wanted to use the initials for the business and wanted it to be as symmetrical as possible. Limiting it to three colours was a choice that the client made as these colours had meaning to them and is contained in their branding. We were able to accomodate them with clever use of line. A construction industry logo is a very common job to be assigned and we wanted to make sure this one was a cut above the rest.

The end result is a perfect logo for any use, such as online, in print and also on clothes and hats. This design works well in any medium and the client was very happy.

 Traditionally, construction industry logos have been known to be difficult to do with most people opting for imagery of a house or other building. This client wanted to veer away from this stereotypical look and they wanted to explore shades of two colours and avoid the house imagery. Instead we went more abstract so we could concentrate on shade and line. While still being identified as a building industry logo, it has an abstractness that creates interest in line and tone.


Construction Industry Logo