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Newcastle, NSW

We want to help local small business get their websites ranking well on search engines.

Improving Your Search Rank Means More Visitors to your site

Get your business seen by more people searching for your product or service. The higher your website ranks on search, the more people get to see it. More people means more profit. What is search engine optimisation (SEO)? Put simply, it’s the process of improving your website so that it will rank higher in search engines than competitors’ sites who are selling similar products or services. But how does this happen? How can you improve your site to beat out competitors?

Go ahead and save yourself from fading into obscurity with one of our packages. Improve your rank and notice how business increases. We also offer competitive social media management packages.

Newcastle SEO

SEO Optimised Website is a Newcastle based search engine optimisation agency. We are located in Hunter St, and can work on your website remotely so no need to leave home.

We specialise in making your website easy for search engines to read and rank. With our local knowledge we are well positioned to help you get your site found in search. Contact us for some pricing and see how we can  help you raise your search rank.

“We don’t take on every client who contacts us. We stick with small to medium businesses in industries we are familiar with to increase our success rate.”

Louise Birkens
Digital Marketing Manager
SEO Optimised Website