Website Design

Let us Design a Snazzy New Website for your Business.

Design and Build a Website.

Please note we are not currently offering this service. We know and recommend Newy Web Design.

We can build a website that suits you and your business. The most important things here is that we only build websites that you can update yourself. We don’t make complicated websites that nobody can use.

We do mainly 2 types of websites:


WordPress is for the more skilled website user and some find the back end a little bit complicated. We usually only make these sites for those who ask for them.

We advise you purchase a premium theme if you are going for the WordPress option as it gives you more of a unique looking website

Depending on your skill level, we can discuss which choice is right for you. Wix is drag and drop and is very easy for the novice to update and add to after we have finished designing. We set it all up for you, make you a unique design and include all the things you might need, such as a booking form or a newsletter sign up. Once this is done, you can take over and update it as needed. If you want us to update it for you, you can contact us to discuss.

How will a website benefit your business?


A website is a great way to get your business online. Whether you are a painter or you sell shoes, getting a website gives you access to a whole world of new customers!

Tell the World!  – Tell the world about your goods or services with a website. 

Your Business will be Searchable – Once you get your website online, you become searchable in the world wide web.

 Add great content to your site – Every time a search engine crawls your site, it scores certain factors for your content. These factors determine where your page ranks in search results. On-page ranking factors are things like headlines, meta descriptions, alt tags, page size, word count and more. There are hundreds of on-page ranking factors, but there are some critical ones that every site should optimize for — especially if you want your site to rank highly in search engines like Google or Bing.

If you are still confused about which option is best for you, how about we have a chat?