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We have SEO services designed to suit small to medium size businesses.

SEO Perth

Perth businesses often contact us for SEO for their business website. A good organic SEO strategy is imperative for achieving a decent rank in google and other search engines. There are plenty of things you can do to make your website more search engine friendly, but to get consistent ranking in page one, you really need a professional search engine optimisation specialist. That’s where we come in. Choosing a digital marketing agency is a decision that cannot be taken lightly.



Perth has a total area of 1,836 km2 (713 sq mi) with a population of approximately 1.8 million people. Perth was founded on 12 June 1829 by Captain James Stirling as an outlaw settlement, although its reason for creation remains unclear because of conflicting historical information which is still being debated. The city is named after Perth, Scotland, due to its location at what was once a coastal dune system next to a river estuary from which it derives its name. This name originates from when Sir George Murray suggested in 1829 that it should be named after Perth in Scotland during an informal discussion with Lord Goderich.

In 1830, a year after arriving in Western Australia, Governor Stirling formally declared his intentions to found a large city between Adelaide and Fremantle. Before Western Australia achieved statehood, early plans for the colony included Leeds and Leighton in present-day Victoria. In 1897–98 these towns were surveyed and plans made to incorporate into Westralia but no further action eventuated. It was proposed names such as Natal or Yorkeys would be better choices than Melgund or Wandin Yallock (Yallok), but Mr Melgund’s choice of Melgund went ahead.

From 1899 until 1927 there were three attempts to formally change its name; these did not go ahead due largely to controversy surrounding naming criteria and cost implications of new placenames.

Our Online Marketing Superpower!

Our Online Marketing Company makes sure that we cover all our bases when optimising your website for search. So we include a few extras to ensure a well rounded internet presence for you and your business. We do social media posts for you to gain access to a new audience and keep your current audience interested in your goods and services.

As part of our digital marketing strategy we build and sustain your link and online reputation (citation) profile. We also offer high quality copywriting services as part of our search engine optimisation strategy. We feel that efficient researching and Search Engine Optimisation and analysis will bring traffic to your website, but ultimately interesting, relevant copy will keep them there and convert. Its also worth thinking about your social media strategy, and perhaps having your social media posts professionally designed each month will help you with your workload. Outsourcing can often be a big relief for business owners who already have a lot on their plate.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Perth

Did you know that most internet searchers only click on Search Engine first page results?

So it’s important that your site appears in a top position, preferably the first page for search terms related to your business or product.  This way prospective customers reach your site when the keywords are typed in.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is often referred to, is very important to any business because this is how you attract people to your website.

More traffic brings you more chances of making a sale, or creating new customers for your business. We have many clients in Perth and Western Australia and we are familiar with the marketplace on the west coast. Our clients are happy with our services and we are ready to help you raise your search results with one of our SEO packages for WA clients.

Social Media Management

Let us design and post your social media posts. We know you are busy running your business and we can take care of this for you. Used in conjunction with our premium SEO packages, we get maximum impact in the Perth market.

Analytics Monitoring

We monitor your website for search traffic. Reports are sent monthly so you can see where your traffic is coming from and how long people are staying on your site.

Increase Web Traffic

We can set up your website so it can be understood by the Search Engines. The first step for Perth businesses to get ahead of the competition. We strive to produce sustained results for businesses keeping them a step ahead of the competition.

SEO Audit

We are familiar with what it takes to do SEO in Perth. We begin with an SEO audit of not only your site, but your competitors sites too. This gives us a good starting point when optimising your website.