Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We are currently not taking on any new clients. We specialise in SEO and are located in Newcastle NSW.

Search Engine Optimisation

We specialise in SEO and are located in Newcastle NSW. We want to help local small business get their websites ranking well on search engines such as Google and Bing. There are two main forms of SEO, on page and off page.

On Page SEO

SEO takes many forms, and we offer a comprehensive on-page SEO service. This means, we configure your existing website to be more search engine friendly. This will encourage the search engines to rank you higher. SEO depends on many things, but having the correct information is probably the most important.

A lot of agencies will baffle you with jargon and figures, but we don’t have to confuse people to get their business. On Page SEO really is a matter of common sense so the Google Bot knows what your page is about. If you have children then you will know that you simplify things you say to them, the same is true when dealing with the GoogleBot. Keep it simple, stick to the subject and with a snip there and a tweak there, we wave our magic wand etc etc…

Off Page SEO

SEO can be done on your website but it can also involve listing your website on other websites (linkbacks), adding your website to directories as well as other magical things.

It can also encompass starting a blog on your page, and being active in social media. These are all things we would discuss with you.

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