Facebook Paid Ads

Get Your Ads SEEN by the RIGHT Crowd

A great way to get your product or service in front of your exact demographic.

Facebook ads are the ideal choice when you know your exact demographic and you want to market your goods or services to those people. You can drill down and choose your audience based on their age, location and gender. But you can go even further by eliminating those whose interests do not align with your business. For example if you sold fur coats, you would eliminate users who are vegetarian. Of if you sold cat collars, you would eliminate those who prefer dogs.

We can prepare your ad for you with an image, link and some ad copy. We can even post it to your Facebook page for you where you can either boost it or make an ad out of it. We do graphic designed images for your business which are attractive and and easy to look at. To learn a bit more about Facebook Ads, you can download our fact sheet. Also contact us if you would like some more information.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook collect a lot of information about their users and with this information comes the power to market your business to those most likely to respond. Separate renters from home owners, separate those interested in renovation from those who like to party. Choose your exact audience.

Not many advertising mediums can offer that specificity when advertising. Certainly  not old fashioned mediums like print or radio. Digital marketing is ideal for showcasing your business to those who are interested at a  time when they want to accept your information.

Get seen by the Right Audience.

Get Instant Reactions.

The Chance to have Your Images Shared.

You Could Go Viral.

You know your customers well and that’s why our service is partially DIY. We create the Facebook posts for you, we schedule them to be posted at the most popular times then you can choose if you want to turn any of those into ads or boosts.

With this convenience, you are able to pick and choose which posts you want to turn into paid advertising. This keeps costs down for you and gives you flexibility that you can’t get from being tied down to contract to an advertising agency.