Google My Business Listing

Let us Optimise, monitor and maintain your Google MyBusiness Listing.

Did you know that an optimised My Business listing can help you business in search?

Please note we are not currently offering this service. Local search is the place to have your business listed if you would like to attract new customers in your area. Showing up in the first 3 listings in local search gives you more opportunities to engage customers who are searching for your type of business.

Represent your brand in search by making sure your business listing is optimised to attract new customers. Be one of the top listings by ensuring your listing has all the ingredients required to achieve a top rated listing.

Claim Your Listing

If your business is already listed, we can claim it for you and begin work. Maintaining your My Business Listing requires ongoing effort.

If you have already claimed it, we can work to improve it.

Add business information

Add your business information ensuring every details is covered.

We can add all the information to your listing to ensure it’s complete.

Information and Categories

We make sure your are entered into the right categories and information added that accurately reflect your goods and services.

We can also make sure that updates are attended to promptly.

NAP Matching

Your NAP is your name, address and phone number. We ensure that your NAP information is always is matched.

This ensures your high quality search status is maintained.

Give your competitors a run for their money with our help.

Quality listings keep you at the Top of Search results.

There are many ingredients required to maintain an effective My Business listing. We are well placed to keep your listing up to date and relevant. This will help you on your quest for higher search engine rankings.

We ensure your listing is optimised and maintained as well as categorised and updated correctly and regularly. This diligence can greatly improve your chances of showing up in the top 3 listings which are displayed when your keywords appear.
We know you are busy running your business and that’s why we would love to monitor and maintain your listing. This service is included in our ongoing SEO packages, or can be purchased alone. Drop us a line so we can discuss your requirements.