Hosting and Domain Names

Hosting and Domain Names are the Building Blocks for your Online Presence.

Do I need Hosting and Domain Names?

Hosting and domain names are the essential building blocks for your online presence. Lets start with your domain name. This is vital to your online web address and is how your visitors will find you online. For instance, is the name of our domain. You will have your own unique domain name and once it is registered, no other person can register that name as long as you keep renewing it.

A domain name and URL are not the same things.

URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the full address of the website that includes every backslash and colon. The URL address includes your domain name.

With your domain name, you can now set up your unique email address There are many benefits for branding and communicating professionally. Most people register their domain names so that they can have their own unique professional email address instead of using Gmail, Hotmail or other common email services.

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service provider, or web host, is a company that offers the services and technologies necessary for the internet site or web page to be seen online. Servers or special computers are used to host or store websites.

When a visitor wants to look at your website, they only have to type in your website URL or domain into their internet browser. Their computer then connects to the server delivering your web-pages via the browser.

In order to host with most hosting companies, you have to own your domain. Don’t have your own domain? Get yours and enjoy, reliable and fast web hosting with knowledgeable, friendly and available customer service. Now you know all about hosting and domain names, you can see the plans we recommend below.

What Hosting  Options Are There ?

You get great value with our hosting plans along with advanced infrastructure located in the TransACT data center at the ACT.

Small $16.95 Per Month

Sydney based Server
SSL Support: No
Memory: 2048
Entry Processes: 20
CPU: 1 Core
5 Email Boxes
3 GB/Mo Data Transfer
2 GB Storage
1 MySQL db

Medium $19.95 Per Month

Email Boxes
Sydney based Server
SSL Support: Yes
Memory: 2048
Entry Processes: 30
CPU: 2 Cores
5 GB/Mo Data Transfer
4 GB Storage
2 MySQL db

Large $29.95 Per Month

Unlimited MySQL
Email Boxes
Sydney based Server
SSL Support: Yes
Memory: 2048
Entry Processes: 40
CPU: 2 Cores
6 GB Storage
10 GB/Mo Data Transfer

Do I Need Hosting?

You will need to purchase hosting if you intend to have a website that isn’t built form Weebly, Wix, Squarespace or any other website builder plans.

Hosting is usually needed if you intend to have a WordPress website. Hosting gives you a place to store the files that make up your website. If you would like to read more about WordPress and the types of designs, please read this article which will tell you about free WordPress themes vs premium purchased themes.


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