Considering how digital the world has become, social media can save or destroy your company’s branding. There’s however an aspect of social media management that is often overlooked – which is to create an amazing social media profile of the company.

A Social media profile should not be done in a hurry or created as an afterthought. Considering the fact that it is the platform where all your updates, tweets, messages, and so on are launched from and an avenue for regular communication between you and your audience, all your profiles should comprise of the image and values of your company to let people know about you. In other to assist you in maximizing your profile to the fullest, we’ve made a list of five of the most essential dos and conceivably more importantly some don’ts of social media profiles.

Don’t mix up your name and your username

Your username is the one that usually appears in your URL – for instance,

Your name is usually next to your profile picture at the top of your profile.

A lot of people are under the mistaken assumption that your username is essential for the purpose of SEO (not really, because it is your URL that matters when it comes to ranking). For your social media profile, however, your name is the most important, which is why it is essential for you to use the name you want to be known for.

Make your descriptions creative

Although it can be very tempting to just scribble a few words to describe your company and copy and paste it on all the important sections of all your social media platforms. However, even if this approach saves a little time for you, it does nothing to enhance your brand. Overall, your bio should be able to give a brief description of who you are and the services you render to anyone who wants to know.

It is at this point that you must display your creativity because it is not easy to create a bio that links your keywords and passes all the important information across without taking a lot of space.



Avoid using inappropriate profile pictures.

The matter of what makes a profile picture great can be very contentious. However, the fact that a profile picture should be of high quality is not debatable. This is a very fundamental requirement: using a pixelated and unclear image can make you appear unprofessional.

The complicated part is deciding whether to use your logo or a person’s picture.

There’s a rule of thumb that states that it is always better to use the logo of the organization when you’re creating social media profile for a large organization. It is however important for you to be consistent and use the same logo across all the social platforms you’re on.

Ensure that your link is displayed everywhere!

The fact that people are looking at your social media profiles is an indication that they’re probably interested in the service you’re offering.

Therefore, if you have a mobile optimised website (considering the fact that most social traffic emanates from mobile devices), you can divert your audience to it every time you get the opportunity because it has all you need to convert them.

Your social profile’s main page should have a permanent position for your link. Though lots of social networks have a place for this, there are still a lot of people who don’t remember to use it. If there’s no space for it on the profile, put it under your bio or some other obvious place.

Remember to go public

There’s really no point in undergoing all this stress if your post is not going to be visible to everyone. This is exactly what happens if your privacy settings are too rigid.

Different networks have their own different default privacy settings. So, as soon as your social profile is set up, make sure it can be seen by everybody by making sure that all your content is visible to the public. Try not to be so shy.