The Emergency Plumber Logo had a very specific brief . The client wanted to be remembered as an emergency plumber and so we used the red and white which is common in the emergency industry. Reds and white with a stylised wrench and plunger gives the viewer no way to mistake the services of this tradie. The crossed over tools combine with the triple circle outline really neatens up this whole design. This type of logo looks great printed or embroidered onto clothing as well as blown up in large format for vehicle printing or signage. Notice the little details that set this one apart from competitors, the white relief makes the red really pop. Also the fact that it is inside the double circles gives the design some closure.

The emergency plumber logo can be used small or very large and will work both ways. This logo looks amazing in a sign and works well on a website and google business listing. It stands out and people instantly know what the business is about. Emergency plumber logos sometimes tend to be bland and most designs usually revolve around using the colour blue, as well as drops of water. This red design really makes the emergency plumber logo aspect of the design stand out. Red is usually a colour used in conjunction with emergencies, so we found that it was extremely relevant.

Emergency Plumber Logo