This Legal Business Brochure Design was done to update the business information for a client. They wanted to use their current colours and logo in this flyer. As you can see we have used a theme which is suitable to the industry and the final design was well received. Using blues on beige really makes the navy pop and they work together both in digital formats and in print. The background print gives the font some depth, making it clear and stand out from the background.

The legal industry tends to stick with conservative colours and subdued tones. It’s a serious industry and comical fonts and whimsical colours are not appropriate. Beige and navy blue always look great together and in this case it was completely appropriate for this client. Legal business brochure design has to be considered carefully in order to keep in line with industry standards. Wording and placement are as important as colour choice. Thinking about the reader, who may be people who are distressed or going through a difficult time, its best to keep things simple so there isn’t too much information to take in on first glance. ┬áIf you are in the legal industry and require a logo, brochure design or website design, we can help you.