This Maintenance Business Logo was made for a local business who are all about high quality workmanship. This client wanted to convey what they do to prospective clients. Building maintenance is a competitive industry and the client wanted to stand out with a logo that spoke to their clients. This design is clustered well so it works well on a website as well as email signatures. 

With an attraction to blues, we managed to find a way to incorporate these elements into the maintenance business logo at a glance. The client can now use this logo design on a website, printed on clothing and it also looks great on business cards. With a versatile colour choice, this logo can suit many industries. Blues really stand out and blue is among the most trusted colours to use on any design project.

Having a good colour scheme in mind will help you make some solid decisions about your logo. Do you have a favourite colour that represents your business? Have you seen any logos that you like? Think about the things you like about them and let us know so we can come up with ideas for your logo easier. Check out your competitors and see what they are doing. What colours are they using, and why are they using those combinations. Try and stick with colours and imagery that reflect your image and your industry. For example the maintenance industry is usually represented by clean and trusted colours such as blues, greens and yellows. 

Maintenance Business Logo