This Travel Tour Agency Brochure was designed to showcase a Chinese tour. The colours used match the logo and the vivid colours of the Chinese culture. Brochure or flyer design is very personal for the business you are working for. Using reds, blues and some beige and red, this flyer gives all the information about the tour which breaks up the info into bite sized pieces. This gives the reader a visual aid to help them remember what they are reading.

Depending on the branding guide from the business, you are never sure how to proceed until you get some ideas from the client. They usually have some colours in mind and they might also have the content ready to go so you can have a good place to start with the design process. You can see our other brochure and flyer designs but if you are looking for restaurant menu design then we know and recommend the kids eat free guide menu design service.

Travel Tour Agency Brochure