One of the things that Google takes into consideration when ranking websites is relevant content. While everyone is painstakingly creating blogs that appeal to their chosen audience, sometimes you reach the point when you run out of ideas! Don’t worry, because we have compiled 100 blog post ideas that you can use, FREE!

Many people get stuck for ideas to write about on their blogs. So we have compiled a list of 100 subjects that are perfect for the novice blogger or an experienced writer. These blog post ideas can be used in most types of niches and we offer these to you free. We have a lot of experience in this area and we like to pass this to others whenever we can. Enjoy our list of free blogging subjects and get started today.

Choose the ones that are most appropriate for you out of the 100 listed below!

  1. 10 of your favorite apps
  2. How to choose a laptop
  3. Best Spotify playlists for writing
  4. How your blog got started
  5. Ideas on how you grew your audience
  6. Share pictures of your desk and workspace
  7. Share something about yourself
  8. Showcase a product or service you are involved in
  9. Introduce a pet
  10. Share a little known fact
  11. Travel bucket list
  12. Write about a personal journey
  13. The happiest moment of your life
  14. Something you can’t live without
  15. A product or service you sell
  16. An industry that excites you
  17. Write about yourself or somebody else who has overcome adversity
  18. Describe your life before you became a blogger
  19. Automation tools you know
  20. Free websites you have tried
  21. Something you have never done but wish you had
  22. The most sensible advice you have ever been given
  23. Write about a time you did something that was completely out of character
  24. Somebody you met that changed your life
  25. What is your dream lifestyle like?
  26. Your favourite celebrity and why
  27. Which famous person are you most like?
  28. What is something you would never do?
  29. Your ‘go to’ dish to cook
  30. How your astrology prediction was correct
  31. Talk about how your current career differs from the one you thought you would have
  32. Introduce your partner if you have one
  33. If you are single, talk about the things you enjoy about the single life
  34. Dating – discuss a disaster
  35. Dating apps – have you used them, and were there hilarious moments?
  36. Talk about your community and anything good that is being done
  37. Have you ever had a medical problem you overcame?
  38. Discuss the seasons, which is your favorite and why
  39. Discuss your workspace
  40. Describe something hilarious that has happened to you
  41. Do you know somebody quirky? Talk about them. (in a nice way of course)
  42. Do you have a specialist skill?
  43. What is your favorite outfit and why?
  44. Talk about coffee, how do you have yours and where do you get it.
  45. What do you love about where you live
  46. What is your favorite cocktail and why?
  47. When was the last time you cried…and why?
  48. How many countries have you visited? Which was your favorite.
  49. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment you would like to share
  50. What is your goal and how do you intend to achieve it?
  51. Share your top ten professional tips.
  52. Share your pet and if they work with you while you blog.
  53. Do you support any charities? If so describe it and why you support it.
  54. Wardrobe malfunctions and how to recover from them.
  55. Strangest videos you have seen on YouTube
  56. Random acts of kindness
  57. Worst hairdressing disasters
  58. The biggest mistake you have ever made
  59. Your favorite personal grooming item
  60. 10 reasons why you are the person you are
  61. Top 10 things to do in your town
  62. Road rage and near misses
  63. Talk about how you blog, what hours you work and how you schedule your day
  64. A typical day for you
  65. 15 things we didn’t know about your town
  66. Community projects you support
  67. Celebrity gossip – use this one only if you are desperate and DON’T make stuff up.
  68. Other blogs you read and why
  69. Your top 10 websites you can’t live without
  70. How to get started in your industry
  71. What obstacles you overcame to become the person you are today
  72. Are sandals and jeans ok to wear together?
  73. That time when you discovered you had been singing the wrong song lyrics all this time
  74. 6 ways to eat a ham sandwich
  75. Online purchase disasters
  76. Quirkiest thing you ever bought
  77. Put together a capsule wardrobe for plus size bodies
  78. Have you ever met a famous person? Discuss.
  79. 7 day meal planner
  80. 10 ways to ensure you have a great day
  81. Morning ritual for success
  82. How do you stay motivated
  83. What is in your smoothie?
  84. What is your workout routine
  85. Your advice for school kids
  86. Have you ever been bullied? Discuss.
  87. Your favorite accessory
  88. What is your best marketing tip?
  89. How do you deal with a difficult customer?
  90. Tell us about your first job
  91. Talk about a day or time when everything went your way
  92. Do you collect anything? Tell the world.
  93. Have you ever had a strange flatmate or neighbor?
  94. Your home decor tips.
  95. Write about how you relax
  96. Write about your vacation
  97. What is your drink?. Describe how you came to try it for the first time.
  98. Have you bought something online and it was not as described? Discuss.
  99. What is your cheat food? When do you have it and why do you love it?
  100. A recipe you have made up.
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Keep your followers engaged

The best way to keep your social media followers invested and interested is when they constantly see new content. This is why it is important to always post new updates and blogs that they will enjoy. While the list we have above isn’t exhaustive, it should give you a starting point to help you on the road to writing a successful and regular blog.