This Automotive Detailer Logo was made recently for one of our clients. This particular client is an automotive detailer and he specialises in a certain brand of car. He wanted to portray the branding in his logo. Choosing to go with a striking combination of yellow and black, this logo had an eye catching outcome. The use of black and yellow in a logo together gives an impact that is not usually achieved with washed out colours. Car detailing is a very competitive industry and having a logo that is easily identifiable is a definite must. We find that this is the best way to have customers remember you and your business. Most people remember seeing a logo that features striking colours.

The design is quite versatile as it can be used on t shirts or other clothing with a quick conversion to an embroidery file. The logo also looks great on business cards and flyers and the client wanted to make it very clear at a glance the nature of his business.

Keeping the colours to black and yellow, this logo design really makes an impact and it’s instantly recognisable. Automotive Detailer Logo design can be tricky because many people tend to stick with blues and greens so the choice to choose a more striking colour scheme was a step in a more creative direction. This design also looks great as a website design, and works well with large format signage too. 


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