The brief for the Consultant Logo and Business Card Design was an outdoor theme with a triangular shape. The client wanted to combine outdoor elements with geometry. We achieved a wonderful balance with this design. The colours are cool and look good in print or online. The design is quite versatile and a PowerPoint slide template and other office stationary can easily be adapted using this colour scheme and general design.

The elements of nature give the logo a power that is ideal for a consultant. The colour scheme is a good one and would suit website and wold also screen print well onto garments. Utilising misty greys, black and blues, this logo design is inspired by the misty mountains and the gorgeous colours of nature.

The colours work really well together and the end result shows a strength and is an ideal way to give a great first impression. The client was very happy with the result and so were we. This type of logo would suit many industries and the font is great for any creative design. If you are in the indsutry and are looking for a Consultant Logo and Business Card Design, then you can be sure that we are up for the challenge.


Consultant Logo and Business Card Design