Plumbing Company Logo was the brief for this design from SEO Optimised. The client wanted a design in the shape of a cube to work in with the business name. The cube shape was challenging to work with as everything had to fit in the borders of the square. We came up with this font that fit the bill perfectly. The addition of the water drop, further gives the viewer an idea of what the company does. The logo had to look good on plumbing vans, with the message about services being apparent at first glance. This was achieved using the palette the client advised, black, blue and grey. This palette may seem limited at first glance, however this colour scheme actually adds endless possibilities for the use of the logo. For example, this logo can work on several different backgrounds which is a bonus. 

The company had a range of vans that were white or grey so we had to ensure the logo design worked well in both instances. The result was a highly adaptable design that will also lend itself to embroidered uniforms and invoices etc. The plumbing company logo also work well as all white which can be used on a dark background which is ideal for use on a website and is usually placed in the footer.Plumbing Company Logo was the brief for this design from SEO Optimised