The client brief was for an Interior Design Company Logo that was unique and beautiful. Conveying the modernity of the company. A symbol was created for this client, who wanted to show their creativity with a simple glance of a passerby. Interior design logos can often be very generic, and our client wanted to separate themselves from the pack and with this design, we really nailed the brief and went over and above expectations. We love working with designers in other disciplines and to produce an interior design company logo because it brings about a creativity that might not have been exposed.

You might notice the symbol is an S and also a number six, which fits in perfectly with the clients’ brief. Using blacks, greys and lots of white space, we have given the logo a sophistication and modernity that befits a contemporary interior design agency. Drawing on the sophistication of a black and white design, this logo is perfect for the industry. Taking a logo from an idea into a full blown design is tricky because you need to know and understand what the client is talking about. The best way ┬áis to listen carefully and ensure you and the client are on the same page. If you misunderstand the brief, you waste everybody’s time and that isn’t what anybody wants.Interior Design Company Logo