Brake and Clutch Business Logo

Brake and Clutch Business Logo

April 24th, 2018 Posted by Logo and Branding 2 comments on “Brake and Clutch Business Logo”

Brake and Clutch Business Logo was created for a client using the colour scheme of blues, greens and blacks. The client wanted to incorporate a tachometer into the design to add to the auto theme. This was added along with a reflective surface below which reminds the viewer of a shiny paint job on a fast car. We included a clean version of the logo which is ideal for printing on mechanics uniforms and caps. This design lends itself well to embroidery and screen printing making it ideal for adding to overalls and other work wear.

We also wanted to use the blues and greens that are reminiscent of Mona Vale and the beaches suburbs in general. The outcome was favourable to the client and us. We love this design and feel it works for many auto related businesses, incorporating the tacho for added interest.Brake and Clutch Business Logo mockup


2 comments on “Brake and Clutch Business Logo”

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