This Transport Company Logo was created with the brief mainly centring around the fact that the client wanted yellow to play a very big role in the design. We of course complied and provided the client with some awesome yellow ideas. The client runs an auto transport company and he wanted a logo that would look good on his cars and trucks as well as on his invoices and the website. We came up with this concept of the vehicles side by side to bring home the idea that the transport company can handle any cargo.

The inclusion of the wings adds the idea of swiftness which is an ideal thing to add when the client is a transport company hauling freight around this great country. Our logo designs are a cut above the rest and you can see our range of logos here. A van, a big truck and a hatchback give the idea of the clients auto fleet. A transport company logo is a super fun brief to work with because the possibilities are endless. Here we have gone with a palette of yellows, blacks and greys. Yellow is a really striking colour to use in a logo and often it comes with mixed results. This particular yellow is bright and cheery but also conveys professionalism in the automotive industry. With splashes of yellow throughout the logo, it gives it a boost without overtaking the entire design. 

Transport Company Logo