This Life Coach Logo Design was designed for a life coach. We also did a website for this client. The client was interested in using shapes and a colour scheme that is somewhat unusual in logo design. We went with a gold leaf and a teal watercolour themed colour scheme. Using a circle, the business name was placed around the outside and gold leafing was placed throughout the design for more impact. Using the Athene font and tones of teal, this logo was complete and the client was very happy.

This design gives the impression of a taking control of your life with earth elements. In the end we had a happy customer and we have an unusual logo to display in our portfolio. Inspired by the earth and the stability that comes from taking control of your future, this life coach logo is really effective and quite beautiful. The branding encompasses the colours of teal and gold which makes for a beautiful uniform colour scheme throughout the business. 


Life Coach Logo Design