This Limousine Transport Logo was commissioned by the owners of this high end transport company in Melbourne. They wanted a logo that would work well with print as well as on vehicle graphics and uniforms. The shape had to suit a drivers cap, and be reversible for different coloured backgrounds. The client specified they wanted the Melbourne skyline in the logo to indicate that they services the Melbourne metro area at a glance. The logo is modern and professional at the same time, and conveys the purpose of the business. The silver and gold in the logo was to convey that this limousine transport logo is a cut above the rest and the passenger can expect a high class service.

The inclusion of gold gives this logo a classy touch and this can be changed up for other colours depending on the background. Works well with white or dark backgrounds. It also looks great in white on a black background which is ideal for the footer of a Website. Keeping the logo in colours and shades that are versatile, gives you more choices down the track to use your logo for different things. For example you might want to print out pens, stickers or magnets for your business and if you keep the logo simple and effective, your marketing efforts can be well worth it.

Limousine Transport Logo