This Equestrian Centre Logo is a very traditional design which was the angle the client was going for. They wanted something that represented the noble sport of horse riding and to present the logo in such a way as it would be noticed and remembered by their customers old and new. Using a traditional style from English high society, we added elements that give the viewer and excellent idea about what the company does and how they do it. Exactly as an Equestrian Centre Logo ought to look. The idea was to make a logo that would look awesome embroidered onto shirts. The design had to work on the front and on the back of the same shirt. This meant a design that was versatile as well as being traditional. Using the same font throughout the entire design gives it a traditional feeling with a modern undercurrent.

The colours of burgundy and navy blue further give the impression of tradition. This Equestrian Centre logo design lends itself very well to being printed or embroidered onto polo shirts and other merchandise. Easily recognisable branding for a specialist industry. The addition of black makes it even more versatile, and unlike in clothing ensembles, black and navy blue work very well together when designing logos and other branding collateral.Equestrian Centre Logo design SEO Optimised Website