Client requested a Legal Solicitor Logo and Business Card Design to represent their business. Drawing from some cornerstones of the legal system we incorporated the pillar into the letter L. This gives the logo stability and a focus point for the eye. The logo is very versatile as you are able to use it with just the letters CL or you can use the entire logo for a dash of formality. As far as colours go, blues are always a good choice for the legal industry. We have teamed sup with grey to ensure the logo didn’t end up bland. 

Using a range of colours that are definite winners, we went with navy blue, grey and white. These versatile colours mean that the logo can look good on either a dark or light background. This can often be a problem for logo and branding designers as fancy and complicated logos often get lost when being used in the real world. The fussier the logo is, the less effective it usually is. That is why we stick to designs that can work across different formats. We make all of our logos suitable for a range of uses including large format. Unless here is a specific reason from the client, we always make the logo easy to use in different formats.Legal Solicitor Logo and Business Card Design