This Not For Profit Brochure Design was designed to showcase the services of a disability service provider. As you can see the client wanted to present his services and experience in a way that was inspirational for the reader. We used inspired colours of purple with plenty of white space which worked in well with their existing logo design. The end result was a dynamic brochure which showcased the services of this disability services provider.

Brochure design can be tricky as you need to include all the information which can be understood in just a few seconds. The design also has to be interesting and the information grouped in a way that the reader is able to grasp the concept, without investing too much time. This means that brochure design has to be done by professionals who have experience in designing this type of company collateral. 

We can get a lot of information into a brochure or flyer and we present it in a way that is easy to read and easy to remember. You can see our other brochure and poster designs here. If you are are specifically after menu design then we suggest you contact specialists in the field of restaurant menu design. Menu design can encompass different elements and a business that specialises in this type of design service would be ideal. 

Not For Profit Brochure Design