This Purebred Dog Breeder Logo was created specifically for a specialist dog breeder who breeds only a single type of dog. She wanted to use an outline of a Shetland Sheepdog, with a subtle watercolour style background. We chose a stylish font to accentuate the professionalism of this dog breeder. The logo conveys at a glance that this breeder is a cut above the rest. When choosing a logo for your brand, you have to take into account what you want the viewer to take away from your design. For example, you want the viewer to get an instant message from your logo. This will be conveyed in a matter of seconds and if your logo design is a good one, then the person will remember your design and recognise it next time they see it.

The colours of purple and green with a textured pastel finish really set off this logo. The end result was something our client was very pleased with and the use of a fancy font really sent it over the finish line. A very modern logo for a unique dog. Choosing the right colours for your logo and branding is very important to businesses just starting out. The watercolour style background for this purebred dog breeder logo is a beautiful combination of purples, greens and blues. These colours are all beautiful on their own, but combined they give a spectacular burst of friendly colour. 

Purebred Dog Breeder Logo