Beer Bottle Label Design

Beer Bottle Label Design

April 23rd, 2018 Posted by Logo and Branding 2 comments on “Beer Bottle Label Design”

We were commissioned to do a Beer Bottle Label Design for a client who is bottling their own brew. They wanted black with an Art Deco style. The label had to contain elements of Spanish culture including the running of the bulls. The label design was made available in black on white, white on back and gold on white or black. The client was able to cut the sticker out on black vinyl with the cut line not being visible in these graphics but is 2 mm out from the furthest line.

The best thing about creating labels is the flexibility you get from having the space pre defined. We enjoyed working on this label and we have done a few other labels that you can view in our label directory.

Beer Bottle Label Design

2 comments on “Beer Bottle Label Design”

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