This Craft Beer Logo was for a WA brewer and the client wanted the inclusion of barley and hops in the overall design. They wanted a type of emblem that can be used to add some dimension to their labelling and signage. Using browns and a distressed surface, the craft beer logo was made to suit any type of application. From looking amazing on the beer labels right through to being printed on t shirts, bags and other merchandise. This logo design also looks amazing on the wooden sign. We have worked with several alcohol related businesses and each time the client has been happy with the outcome of the design. No matter what you are looking for in a logo design, we are able to accommodate you.

As you can see the barley and the hops gives this logo a rawness that is reminiscent of beer brewing. A true hit for the client and for us. The branding for this logo is quite spectacular and it works well in white or brown. As for putting the craft beer logo on a website, that would be no problem. The both versions of the logo work well with any design and you can easily work this into a website theme. No matter what you choose to put this on, the logo will look great. The use of a singular colour, brown, really creates a rustic feel.

Craft Beer Logo