This versatile Employment Agency Logo design was created for this client based on a brief that they wanted an inspirational design that illustrates their holistic approach to helping people. The tree and the human figure were chosen to illustrate a feeling of growth. Employment agency logo design is always a challenge because it’s such a competitive industry but this client wanted to stand out with bursts of colour featuring purple heavily. Purple is a great colour to work with and we always love working with this beautiful colour. This particular logo design features a tree which shows growth and the leaves are a great mix of yellows, orange, reds, burgundy as well as grey. 

We also created a range of inspirational quote graphics for this client to use on social media and on their blogs. The theme of growth and betterment was present throughout the design process with both the logo and the other designs. The logo can work on black backgrounds as well as transparent or white backgrounds. This makes it ideal for use both on the website, letterhead and emails and it translates very well to wide format printing for walls and vehicle signage. This type of design also looks great on a website and the colours contained in the logo look fantastic in various areas of a professional website.


Employment Agency Logo - SEO Optimised Website