Nowadays, people spend most of their time browsing social media sites. With the rise of smartphones and easy access to internet, it is never difficult to always be in the know daily. With this, businesses have brought their brand to this platform where they have a global audience.

Of course, this is something you should do as well! But that doesn’t mean you should do the spaghetti approach, wherein you throw your campaign on the wall, which is social media, and hope a noodle will stick. You need to keep track of your numbers.

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Why Keep Tab of Your Numbers

Sure, sharing content on different platforms is important, but you need to make sure they are effective, and this is where numbers come in.

Here are the reasons why you should monitor your progress:

1. Understand Where You Are

Just like any plan you make, the first thing you need to do is understand your current status. How many followers do you have on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? This will tell you how you are performing, and in effect help you create attainable and realistic milestones.

2. Set Your Goals

Now that you know your current fan base, it is time to work to get more. You need to set goals on how many you aim to add. After a week, how many do you want to get? Or perhaps in a month? What should you do in order to achieve that result? This is where you devise your plan further.

3. Analyze Reach of Your Content

Not all content have the same impact to your followers. Some would have a better pull than others, and keeping tab of your numbers allows you to do that. How many clicks did you receive? Which of your shared content got shared further to other people?

4. Compare Social Media Platforms

When you try to reach out to your audience, you don’t necessarily have to use all social platforms. By looking at the numbers, you will see which ones reach more target market than the rest. And when you realise this, you will know which social media platform to prioritise more than others.

5. Reevaluate Your Strategy

Having numbers in front of you will tell you if what you’re doing is working or not. If it is getting the traction you desire, what did you do well? If it isn’t what do you need to improve on? It’s a constant reevaluation of your plan that helps you get the most of social media.

Social media is a tool. It doesn’t guarantee success in any way. It is the person or entity who uses it that will ensure that you get there. This is precisely why you need to monitor how you are doing and dance to the ever-changing times.

Reasons to Monitor Your Social Media Numbers