We truly have gone a long way in terms of technology. The internet is now a common place where people interact regularly, no matter the distance. That’s why for businesses and those who make a living by communicating with people, social media is an undeniably powerful tool.

But see, that’s exactly the thing – it’s a tool. It holds great potential as to the magnitude of its influence. But if the user doesn’t know how to use it effectively, then it doesn’t benefit them at all.

Social Media Marketing Tips that Do Wonders

So how do create a social media strategy that will be to your advantage? Here are a few general points to consider.


1. Post Regularly

Depending on the social media platform you are working on, you need to let your followers know that you exist. Constantly posting relevant updates or blogs on your profile makes people realise that you are up and about. And that’s one thing that gets their attention.

2. Proactively connect with others

If you want to expand your network, then you have to initiate it! Make it a habit to like or follow around 5 accounts per week that might find interest in what you offer. Tag or mention influencers on Facebook and they’ll see you recognise them. For YouTube and Blogger, you can even partner for relevant content, and that doubles your audience!

3. Interact with the community

Aside from constantly posting updates on your profile, another way to show netizens that you are active is by interacting with them. Comment on community posts, such as in LinkedIn, where your audience will see you. Not only will that attract new people to you, but it shows your current followers that you have the same tastes.

4. Be short, concise, yet catchy

People don’t go to social media to read a book. We are in the era of quick gratification, and that’s why your content needs to be snappy but catchy. Make it short but meaningful in a way that others will instantly remember you. If working on short clips, like Instagram Stories on Snapchat. A cute text overlay makes it fun and interesting.

5. Start cross-posting

Here’s where the magic of social media comes in. You can further expand your fan base by what you call cross-posting. You can share your blog on Twitter and then use relevant hashtags to reach a wider community. You can even cross-post your Instagram photos over to Facebook and let them know you have other social media accounts! The possibilities are endless.

There are more tips, but those are the general ones that will immediately make a difference. Start doing it and see for yourself!

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