The client was in the market for a Crypto Currency Block-chain Mining Logo and wanted to stick with certain hues of blue. The business is international so a worldwide theme was essential. Giving the viewer an idea of how blockchain technology works at a glance was part of the brief for this logo. We worked with the colour blue because the client was keen to stick with this very trusted colour. Everybody knows that cryptocurrency is a great way to make money and works out to be a great investment. We were happy to receive this logo design assignment because we are all excited about crypto here. We are always excited to work with companies who want something unique for their logo because we are always up to the challenge. So for this reason we loved working on this unique Crypto Currency Block-chain Mining Logo

Choosing the right logo design for a modern technology business like ths is imperative to convey the right message to potential clients. This design showcases the companies speciality at a glance, which is exactly what we were going for. The map of the world as a backdrop really tops off this logo design. Our clients range from as diverse as camper trailer manufacturers, to real estate entrepreneurs right through to landscapers, candle makers to clothing retailers. 


Crypto Currency Block-chain Mining Logo