This Speech Pathologist Logo was created with the brief from the client. They wanted the inclusion of origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. The client offers a range of speech pathology services and we wanted to represent the diversity of that with the inclusion of several shapes and colours of crane in the logo design. The string represents needing a little bit of help and we feel that we nailed the brief for this client easily and effectively. A speech pathologist logo can be a difficult brief to nail because of the endless possibilities.

The birth colours of this speech pathologist logo design are ideal to convey the message of friendliness and a place of non judgement. The result is a bright and fresh logo design to suit the business. The softer colours or purples, pinks and greens give a warm welcome to potential clients. The beauty of this logo design is how welcoming it is. The concept travels well to other mediums such as website, stationary and merchandise. It’s a very approachable logo and the three main colours convey the message of professionalism without being impersonal. Branding for this client looks beautiful and the options for website design are endless.

Speech Pathologist Logo